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Personal History

Thanks to my current sponsors:

  • Kal-Gard
  • O'neal MX
  • EVS
  • Dunlop
  • Sunstar


I currently reside in Wisconsin and I am enjoying a career in law enforcement.  My wife and I recently purchased a home and are celebrating our first year of marraige.  I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL (4.0 GPA!!).   Prior to that, I was a Sergeant in the United Stated Marine Corps, stationed in Southern California.

After my enlistment in the Marines, I was determined to start racing in 2005.  I have been doing so ever since then, and hope that my schedule will now allow me to attend more races in the future.

Riding Goals

I hope to continue improving in the ATV A Class.  While I primarily focus on cross-country type hare scrambles, I want to continue racing in ATV MX events to become a more well-rounded racer.

I plan on continuing to ride in AMA District 17 events as well as those sanctioned by Midwest Cross Country (MXC) and the OMA Nationals.


Competitive Highlights

  • Finishing in the top ten for 2010 ATV A Class, AMA District 17
  • Finishing in the top five for 2009 ATV B Class, AMA District 17
  • Third place in my first race, then finishing in 3rd for the season in AMA District 17, C Class