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Personal History

Name is Thomas Moore, everyone calls me Tom. I'm 27 yrs old married with one little boy who is 17 months old. I've grown up around atv's my whole life. I've always rode them, I've always dreamed of racing with the big names like Mr. Balance He is honestly the only person I have actually kept up with he was the one who made me want to start racing after I seen him race. I have done a lot of small friendly "races" with my friends from around home and we have always set up scrambles and cross country type race around our property. I normally came out ahead of the crowd because of my experience and riding techniques. I have always given advice to the younger children that asked to come riding with me to help tweek there riding style and level. I'm Always teaching younger people how to ride along with the older generation I do a lot of work on my own bikes and sometimes if spare money allows I'll have the dealers work on my bike but that is slim to none. I have rode all types and models of atv's but I prefer Yamaha over anything just my personal preference. I've owned a 1986 blaster with over 2 Thousand dollars worth of motor and tranny mods. A 2006 Raptor 700 with a massive amount modifications done, 2003 Z400 all stock, and now a brand new 2010 YFZ 450X. I say brand new because I bought it new in July of 2012 and have only but about 4 hours on it. I'm in the military active duty so its difficult to take it out sometimes. When I do take it out and practice I take it to the limits meaning I have no fear when I'm on my bike I feel at home and I take it to the fullest extent. I don't back down and I just enjoy the feel of having the bike underneath me.

Riding Goals

My goals in riding.. Lets see. Riding I want to be the best there is and I wont stop until I get there. I want to be on top of everyone and I want everyone to know be by name and not fear me but be startled by my presence knowing that any second I could leap and put them behind me. I would also like to take my riding experience to the max beyond what anyone else could ever imagine. Again I want to be the best that there is out there and Ill do everything in my ability and power to get there no matter what.