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Personal History

 I have been riding and racing for 11 years, ever since I was 5 years old.  I started racing a PW 50 at a local motorcross track in Newburg, PA.  Outside of racing and riding quads, I am a student at Shippensburg High School were I will be a Junior in 2010-2011.  I will also be a second year student at the Franklin County Career and Technology School in  the Auto Repair field.   I help out part time with our family owned business Performance Cycle & ATV.  When not in school, I am working on my quad and getting in as much practice time as possible. 

Riding Goals

Since 2006,  I have progressed from a Kawaski KFX 80, riding in the Youth class, to a 90cc Apex for two years winning the 90cc 12-15 year old Pa State and District 6 Championship in 2008. Then moving up to a 250cc Yamaha Raptor in 2009 and now in 2010 moving to the C class 16-19 at the local and GNCC levels. Racing is something that I have always wanted to do and want to do in the future.  When I am asked what I want to do in life.... its become a professional GNCC Racer.  After a professional career, I would like to stay with the sport and be a representative for a company with the GNCC Series.

This year I want to finish the local series out with placing in the top 3 in my class.  Also I would like to finish out the GNCC series this year with a top 10 finish in my class and earning a national number.  Next year I would hope to be on top of my class locally and nationally.  I know it takes alot of dedication and hard work on my part and my family's.

Competitive Highlights

Racing Year 2006       05 Kawaski KFX 80     Placed 5th at the Motorama Events  ( Arena Motorcross)    

                                                                                Placed 8th overall in PA State/District 6 Harescramble Series Youth 90cc 

                                                                                8th in first GNCC race, John Penton, 90cc class 12-15 yr old

Racing Year 2007        07 Apex 90cc               Placed 4th overall in PA State/District 6 Harescramble Series Youth 90cc

Racing Year 2008       08 Apex 90cc               Placed 4th at the Moptorama Events

                                                                               Won the overall PA State/Disrtict 6 Harescramble Series in the 90cc Class

                                                                               Won Round 9 of the GNCC Series Mountain Ridge

Racing Year 2009        08 Raptor 250cc         Placed 5th overall in PA State/District 6 Harescramble Series

                                                                                Participated in GNCC University Riding School

                                                                                Raced Round 9 of the GNCC Series, Snowshoe, Finished 9th in class

Racing Year 2010        06YFZ 450cc