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Personal History

My name is Trip Anthony Marino.  I am 9 years old and from Niles, Ohio.  My parents work really hard so that I can race on the weekends.  My dad, Rick, is a concrete finisher, and my mom, Megan, is a principal and Rodan + Fields consultant.  I have an older sister, Sabrina, and two dogs, Buster and Elly May.  I get A's and B's at school, and my chores at home include cleaning my room, taking out the trash, unloading the dishwasher, and other jobs outside to help my dad.  My off-track hobbies include riding my bicycle, quad, and dirt bike every chance I get, as well as kayaking, camping, RC racing, baseball, and flag football.

Riding Goals

My goal for this year is to be the CRA PWQ-4 Stock Harescramble Class Champion and PWQ-4 Stock Harescramble Buckeye Series Champion.  Next season, I will be racing my Yamaha 125 in the Youth Quad Junior Class.  My goal is to battle for class wins, finish every race, and be there at the end of the AWRCS, EROC, and GNCC series for top three championship wins.  I will fill in off weekends with local CRA races for practice.

Competitive Highlights

My riding and racing skills have improved tremendously throughout this racing season.  All of my videos can be found on my YouTube channel, and watching the videos from my first through my most recent races shows massive progress.  https://www.youtube.com/user/rickyracer91896