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Personal History

I am Gaetan De Noyette and I am 19 years old, I started quadcross when I was 1,5 years old on a Suzuki lt50. 
I started on little local tracs and when i reached the age of 5 my father bought me a Suzuki lt80.
I have been riding it for 5 years and then I changed to a Yamaha Blaster. We trained on a lot of different tracks and when I was 12 I started racing the 450 class with an YFZ450, when the new YFZ450R came I immediatly received from my father and the results went better. 

Riding Goals

This year I finish the French championchip and next year I will ride the Belgian and French Championchip, it will be hard but it is possible. During the year I trained a lot and my riding became better and better, with more and more podiums, I am happy with the results of the last times. Next year I want to became a top three place in the overall year champiochip in Belgium and French. Theredor I will race the all new YFZ450R 2014.

Competitive Highlights

In August I won in Esplechin, it was a hard race but it was good. Because of the bad weather this year, a lot of races where cancelled in France. I've ridden the 3 hours of Maricourt with a 6th place and the 4 hours of Plomion with a 3th place. Next week I will ride Pont De Vaux and there are still 3 races left for the French Championchip wich I will ride.