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Personal History

i was introduced in to racing at the age of five an all thow my racing was short lived back then i allways had the love of compeating i started racing the missouri state hare scramble seires in 2000 on a yamaha banshee then in 01 i moved to the 200 class on a yamaha blaster were i stayed until i won the class championship in 02 then fall of 02 i moved to a 400 ex i had a little sucess in a class on it then life happend an sold out an quit racing i just simply could not afford it any longer well the years went by my finansas got a little better an by  now my son the youngest of 5 kids had showed interest in racing so i got him a 400ex an we went racing my plan was just to be his pit man because by this time im 37 an i figure my race is run but after going to a few races i could not warm the bench any longer an i bought a 04 450r honda