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Personal History

My first year racing was 2009. I began the season racing a Suzuki LTZ90 and then moved to a 2009 DRR 90 during midseason. ! raced 1 full race on the DRR outdoors and 1 race indoors at Albany Arenacross.

In 2010 I will be racing D34 and a few Nationals as well. In the off-season other sports I play are basketball for the Prospect Youth Basketball League and Ice Hockey for the Southern All-Stars Squirt League in Milford, CT. My favorite rider is Travis Pastrana. My family consists of me, my Mom, my Dad and my dog Travis.

Results for 2010 (1st Overall in Walden Series, 2nd Overall in XMS Series)

Riding Goals

My goal for 2011 is to be successful, meet new riders and most of all have fun! I will be racing the NEATV-MX series in the 90 CVT class as well as the Unadilla and Steel City Nationals.

Competitive Highlights

My first race, taking home my first trophy!