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Personal History

Hey I'm Cody Hill, I'm from Harrisburg Missouri and i'm 17. When i was younger i used to run the 90 Mod and 150 class in nationals. I had two cobras for the 90 class and a built honda 150 for the 150 class. Ive been riding ever since i was about six. in 2010 i came off at a track in Arkansas and broke my collar bone and dislocated my shoulder. Four months after that i ran Pell City's national and was top 5 in the mod class. I just didn't ride the same. Well after that i slowly got out of motocross. Well at the beginning of this year i had the money to buy an LTR 450. Ive been riding for about 8 months and feel like I'm back to where i left off three years ago. Every day i exercise and weight lift to get in shape to be a better rider. I plan on running nationals next year in the B class and was looking for some help on building the bike. I push and try very hard to be the best i can be on the track and off the track. I'm looking to get as much help as i can and i'm going to try and place at nationals next year. If you could write me back with goals i should set, things i need to work on, ideas, or anything that you think a young rider needs to focus and work on at my age to be a better and faster rider i would greatly appreciate it!!! My email is codyhill1569@gmail.com 

Riding Goals

To be faster and a better rider last time i got off the track


Competitive Highlights

Top 5 national finishes in 2007-2010