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Personal History

Im an only child. I graduated high school in 2009. I will be getting married in Aug 2014. During the spring & summer months my hobbies are riding on local tracks or heading to the dunes. When im not riding I like to hangout on the boat & cast a line. During the winter months you can find me one of two places either snowboarding at one of our local ski resorts or up far away in the hills snowcatting.

Riding Goals

My riding goals for my next upcoming race, is to ride to my full patential and do my very best. My goals for racing season 2014, is to improve my lap times, step up my riding ability & go for a top 3 finish at each race.

Competitive Highlights

In the state of Montan, I have won 3 450 Pro Montana State Championships. While in between those years travling down to the diffrent California & Arizona Tracks, to compete in the 450 Pro-am classes.