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Personal History

Ever since I was eight years old, I've loved riding. It started out with just a little Honda trail 70 that a buddy of mine owned. From there my passion for riding grew bigger. I worked and paid for my first quad at the age of 14. It was a Honda Trx400ex. I owned it for two years, adding parts, and fixing it myself. I also took it to my first flat track race, and that really got me into racing. After that I sold my 400ex and bought a trx450r for the same price I sold the 400 for in the same day. Right now I have the 450 torn down, and in the process of being built. I work, and pay for all the parts that go into building it.

Riding Goals

This upcoming summer of 2014 is going to hopefully be my first real race season, if I can have my quad ready in time, as where it was too late in the last season to get a good start. My main goals is to progress as a rider, and have a good time doing so as I compete. I'm investing a lot of my time and money into this, but I plan on all of it to pay off when my blood starts pumping to the sound and the smell of a new season.