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Personal History

Im 15 going on 16 august 31st. I got my first dirtbike when i was 3 started racing at 3 stepped up to a pro senior 50 KTM dirtbike and raced it until i was 7,at age 9-13 i got 90cc polaris predator started racing it and winning i very rarely made 2nd or 3rd. My next quad was a 200 yamaha blaster all race ready i raced it unti i was 14 then i had to quit do to school was interfearing. I now race a 2005 Trx450r +2 houser a arms,rath nerf bars,curtis sparks racing pipe,tag handle bars with risers,k&n filter.

Riding Goals

my riding goals are to have fun,win,and just enjoy racing and riding if you dont have fun doin the sport you love then you wont win.

Competitive Highlights

been one of the best since i was 9 and am still trying.