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Personal History

I grew up with my mom, but my dad was in to motocross and when I was a kid he got me in to the motorcycle buisness and gave me my first battery powered ninja motorcycle when I was about age 4 then as the years passed he gave me a engine powered atv 110cc at the age of 8 ever since then I was a atv enthusiast I had that atv for about 3 Years so I can say I learned most of what I know right there at the very start at the age of 9 I was already drifting around the place and riding on 2 wheels I was really impressive to everyone then at the age of 10 I got rid of the atv I was then without a atv until the age of 12 I was introduced to my brand new Yamaha Raptor 250 I was older so I started experiencing new things and more extreme well where I lived we didn’t have any “motocross tracks” so I never really competed in any official events most of the rides were just a little group from my neighborhood all looking for some fun so we would go in to fields and any off-roading we could find at the age of 13 I started to practice popping wheelies before I got my atv I always looked up to my friend who at that time already knew how to pop wheelies (he was older than me) so when I knew I would be getting a raptor for my 12th birthday I told him he had to teach me how to pop wheelies funny thing is he explained how he did everything and I would practice all alone with no one around and I believe today I know how to pop wheelies better than him pretty much.

Riding Goals

I want to be a professional rider

Competitive Highlights

I’m really competitive and a hard worker to accomplish my goals