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Personal History

Adventures person. I like Adventures speeds . I have done the Trans Aghulas  3xTimes. 2010/11 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14  this is Inflatable Racing. we also competed in our regional races. Bbefore that I have done Quad racing, and now I'm back in the Saddle since 2014. I used to raced a Can Am 800 XC, and now im on a Raptor 700, due to the fact the Can Am are just to slow to get to 3rd or 2nd place.. was always on the heels of these 2 positions. every last year my standings were 5th overall in my Q1 Class

Riding Goals

my goal for this year will be to be physically and Bike fit. it is also my goal to win our regional Chapionship in my Class, and the Club as best Improved Rider