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Personal History

I started riding atvs when I was about 5 years old that's when my dad came home with a small version of a cheap dirtbike. I rode that dirtbike until the age of 11 when my dad decided it's time for me to upgrade to a Kawasaki 125. I rode the Kawasaki until I was 13 and it finally gave out. When I was 14 I purchased my first race quad or any quad for that matter and it was a yamaha banshee 350. A few days after purchasing the banshee I wanted to test the power so I went down a vacant dirt road and shifted into fifth gear and full throttled until the magical feeling happened and the banshee died I soon later found out that I had blown it up. A week later my friend messaged me and asked me if I wanted to go riding to the pits I stupidly agreed and asked my father if I could use his newer than my yamaha banshee he said yes. So after my father said yes I was headed to the pits only to realize my friend was at his house so I decided to head there but to my surprise he was going the opposite direction so in order to keep up I pull an illegal u turn and try to catch up. after trying to keep up I pass my best friend but soon his older brother zooms past me and destroying my pride in order to feel good about myself I shifted into fifth gear and made the same dumb mistake I made earlier and blew my dad's banshee up. I got home put whatever I could from my dad's banshee into mine to rebuild it orders parts and rebuilt my banshee sold it and bought myself a yamaha raptor 660. I've had my raptor for some time now and in that time I've changed the valve cover starter and starter clutch the cam the cylinder head and upgraded the piston to a 102mm piston. There's other parts out in but best save those for later.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to get as much out of riding as I can with my friends as much as possible. It is also my goal to forget about the problems of my everyday life and just go for a ride atleast 3-4 times a week just to loosen up and get a little dirty maybe hurt depending on the type of day and how the group is feeling