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Company History


The people behind Utopia® are as core as it gets. Most of us truly live the lifestyle. We surf, skate, ride, or race every chance we get. Utopia’s® market targets primarily surf, snow, skate, and motocross enthusiasts. We sponsor many top-ranked action sports athletes who are respected and highly influential in their sport. Some of the internationally recognized names on the Utopia® team are:
Chris Brown (Volcom, Solomon)
Paavo Tikkanen (Volcom, Wildcats)

Nathan Ramsey (KTM, Redbull)
Mike Brown (Rockstar, Suzuki)
Ivan Tedesco (Makita Suzuki)

Jeremy Stenberg (Etnies, Thor, Parts Unlimited)

Quality is first at Utopia®. We use only the highest-grade materials in each of our original designs. Every piece is individually crafted and hand painted. Every time we get a shipment from the factory, the first thing we do is meticulously check each individual piece by hand to assure customers receive only the best. If something doesn’t pass our highest standards, we immediately reject it and ship it back to the factory.

While still a small company, Utopia® made a huge imprint in the action sports industry. Utopia’s® original designs and superior quality of their sunglasses and goggles have pushed the boundary on industry standards. For their goggles, other companies solely use a cheap lens coating on the polycarbonate that quickly wears off with use. Utopia’s® Bulletproof™? anti-fog lenses are constructed of a special laminate of triacetate, the best anti-fog technology on the market, and polycarbonate for extraordinary strength that lasts. Many of our sunglasses are constructed of hand-made acetate. Our injection-molded sunglasses are built with the toughest plastic available, TR-90 Nylon.

High quality, intense research, and a vision for perfection are what define Utopia®.