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Company History

Skorbordz started out in 1995 when HRP Sports was sponsoring Steve Lampson.  Steve at the time was wearing a HRP chest protector and need his name and number on the back of it.  Steve Lampson took it pond him self to make something.  The Own of HRP went to the first national of the year and saw what he did.  He did not do a good job.  By the second round of the AMA Outdoor nation Skorbordz was born.  Skorbordz is a full on custom bike graphic company.  Skorbordz dose  chest protector ID plates( id kits) and graphic, pre-printed back grounds, shrouds graphics, stickers and more.  If you have a idea graphic, let us know and we can have one of our design bring it to life.  Skorbordz we make every moto count.