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Company History

In 1992 Wayne Hinson founded Hinson Clutch Components. A General Contractor by trade, Wayne had an extreme passion for motorsports, and spent most of his adult life pursuing in the form of Drag Racing, Powerboating, and of course, Off-Road and ATVing. The journey began in the late 80’s when Wayne reacquainted himself with motorcycles after a hiatus of his initia love affair with them in the early 70’s. By the early 80’s he had two young sons who shared the same passion, so they spent a ton of time as a family out riding their motorcycles and ATCs. As the years went by and the 3-wheeled ATCs transformed into Quads, the Hinson family also continued to transform and progress their involvement in the sport from simply taking day trips, to eventually racing quads by the late 80’s.

This is where our story truly begins, in 1989. Through the course of unwillingness to be complacent he became involved with professional ATV racing as Grand National Champion, Gary Denton’s tuner. Through this corroboration he assisted Gary in winning seven of his record eight Grand National Championships. Something that came about from Wayne’s relentless detail was the building of one-off parts for the race bike, seat latches, airbox rings, counter balancer brackets and of course clutch baskets. Whenever there was something the race bike truly needed that wasn’t available in the aftermarket, Wayne would build a better piece, and the first high performance aftermarket clutch basket was born.

Very crude by today’s standards, Wayne’s initial intent of the first basket was to stop clutch basket breakage. Being that stock baskets were made from aluminum, the logical choice of material was to upgrade to steel. The steel baskets were very strong but also very heavy and it didn’t take much research and development to determine that baskets could simply be made from a stronger aluminum and Akadized (hard coated) to provide a much superior part to the die cast stock pieces at the same or lighter weight.

Great milestones in our history include, 1996 where Hinson Clutch Components became the clutch baskets of choice for the American Honda factory SX/MX team of Jeremy McGrath and Steve Lamson, and 2007 being the slipper clutch of choice for American Honda’s Factory Superbike team. Hinson Clutch Components through the history of our company has worked with all the top racers and teams in our sport, working with every single factory Supercross/Motocross team, every top World Championship MX team, every top ATV racer and many of the top Road Race and Supermoto teams over the course of our existence. This is very important to the average consumer as every drop of development that comes from working with the greatest racers in the world comes right back into the product that is available off the shelf today.

Today Hinson Clutch Components sells the best clutch components available in the world for Sport Bikes, ATV’s, and Off Road Motorcycles, offering everything from clutch baskets, inner hubs, pressure plates, slipper clutches, fiber and steel plates, clutch springs and clutch covers. With these parts we have won over 135 National and World Championships in our 15 years of business. A track record we are very proud of!