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Company History

The year was 1985...in a cloud of dust, a loud crash and the agonizing screams of pain and defeat. Everyday people that push the limits surround themselves with outcomes like this. This is what makes an "EXTREME" athlete, an individual that shows no bounds and is willing to put it all on the line. So what does an athlete do that is always putting themself at risk of injury? They find quality protective gear.

As the story goes, a motorcycle rider that injured his knee one too many times decided that the everyday pain he was going through was enough! Out of this an idea is born, I'll make a product that will protect my knees while I ride. This was the birth of genius and a company that is focused on keeping riders in one piece.

The original product, the AMX-5 knee brace, which has been worn by some of the world's most prestigious athletes was the building block for today's most complete extreme production line ever.

And with extreme athletes plagued by the injuries of increased speed and fierce competition...EVS product development was accelerated.

Several catalogs later and yes, more seasoned staff, EVS pressed onward. The product line growing, extreme sports gaining in popularity, and key alliances being formed with the likes of Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, WPS, Travis Pastrana and other top athletes, EVS was on the move.

With the same dedication extreme athletes put into their sports and the endless moments of sweat, blood and tears...EVS has spent the past 2 decades solely focused on the safety of you.

EVS...Innovation and Advanced Technology

-Team EVS