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Company History

Who are we? CycleLogic Products is exactly what the name implies, manufacturers of logical motorcycle products. Founded by lovers of all forms of racing, including motorcycles and motocross, the combined experience of our founders and staff exceeds over 100 years! Through our experiences over the years and through extensive research, we've discovered many sciences that haven't been utilized by the "regular" motorcycle lube and chemical manufacturers. Why change what you're already buying? This wasn't satisfactory to us, we wanted more. Better performance, longer lasting results, longer sustained horsepower. Our flagship product is Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant. This product has proven to lower operating temperatures by as much as 50oF, this has been proven through our development and testing in the extreme humidity and heat of Southern Florida. As you browse through this site, take note at some of the Championship racers using Engine Ice. Also take note as to the world renowned high-performance companies using and endorsing CycleLogic's Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant. We haven't just rested on developing Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant. We have other top quality products in research and development as you read this. We've even developed new products that are so unique from anything you?ve ever seen or used, we're not quite sure how to market them yet. To increase our R&D capabilities, we recently acquired one of the finest high performance companies in the off-road motorcycle industry, WMR Competition Performance. This acquisition gives us a greater range of our R&D capabilities and also gives us more top-level racers to race test our products. An example of our capabilities at WMR Competition Performance is the fact that our sponsored racers achieved several top finishes and even won a 2001 AMA Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championship. For additional information about WMR Competition Performance, visit the website at www.WMR1.com Thank you for your interest in us and our products.