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You have found the fastest and easiest way to get sponsored - GUARANTEED. The exclusive Quad community to get you Sponsored. Whether you race or not, there is a sponsorship for you. We are so sure that you will get sponsored that we give you unlimited features for free:

  • Build your Rider Resume
  • Upload Unlimited Images and Videos
  • Add Race Results and Upcoming Events
  • Send UNLIMITED resumes to UNLIMITED sponsors
  • Receive Unlimited Sponsorship Responses

Go ahead and send as many resumes as you’d like.  When you get sponsored (and you will), you simply pay one-time fee of $50 to activate ALL your sponsorship deals, and any new deals you get for a FULL YEAR!

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Smith Optics Accepting Resumes

All levels of sponsorship are available. Riders are encouraged to send resumes electronically through QuadSponsor.com, a fast and easy way to examine athletes for sponsorship.

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New to QuadSponsor? This brief article will tell you exactly what you need to know and how the site works. Don't miss out on sponsorships because you didn't know how the site works or what sponsors want. Read this before requesting any sponsorships from companies.